What Our Customers Have to Say

Hey Quinn, Just wanted to let you know that I was successful in getting into the training program!! I’ll chat to you in five years when I’m applying for consultant jobs haha! Thank you for everything.
Aaron Paul – Medical

Thank you! I saw it late last night and I am happy with the final product! Thank you for your service, it has given more confidence to apply for positions to commence my career!
Chloe – Sports Management

Hi Quinn,How do you do? I am writing to let you know that I got the job at the _____________ Hospital.Thanking you again
Bobby – Medical

Thank you for your prompt service and the whole process is so much efficient than i expected. I’ll definitely update you in regards to my job hunting and with the CV that i’m having right now, i feel much more confident in this period of competitive job market. Likewise it is been a pleasure working with you and Thank you very much.
David – Administration

This looks so great! I am very happy with the presentation and how you have set everything out. Very clear and easy to read!
Jennifer – Hospitality

My name is Kate, you fixed my CV beautifully back in January. I was wondering if you still had the originals on file, and if so, if you were able to forward me a copy in a .DOC rather than .DOCX format? Having a lot of trouble with the PC at the moment, so I’m back to Word 2003…Thanks for your help, found a public service job which I’m really enjoying!
Kate – Public Service

Hi Quinn, I passed my first stage interviews. Thank you for all your help. Will definitely recommend you to all my friends.
Saba – Sales & Marketing

Thanks once more, i have been offered and accepted the new role!
Vinay – Information Technology

Hi Quinn, around 2 weeks ago I went to Perth and I have applied only for 4 job positions. Already 30 minutes later I’ve got my first call back from the first company. On the next day I’ve got my second offer. So 4 Internet applications and 2 offers. Now I’m working for a climate company. So I suppose your resume was pretty good and a total success.
Stefan – Engineering

I came across Second Look Resume online during a Google search, I contacted them via phone and they were able to meet with me the following day. I was hoping to get my new Resume fast and my expectations were more then exceeded, within 24hrs of my consultation I was emailed a draft copy of my new resume and cover letter and within 2 days I had final copies. I am very, very impressed with the service provided, I think my new Resume represents me in a way that I could not represent myself. Within 1 day of using my new Cover Letter and Resume I had 3 interviews lined up, by weeks end I had a job and had completed my first shift! I know I wouldn’t have got the job had I used my old Resume (I had previously applied for many positions without success). Thanks to Quinn & Second Look Resume, I now have a job.
Cindy – Hospitality

I just had a look at the resume and it looks AMAZING! The cover letter is really assertive, strong and direct and I could never have made it as concise as you did! …Everything else looks perfect! I honestly couldn’t imagine it to be as clear cut as the way you produced it. Thank you sooooo much Quinn and I hope you have a very Happy New Year.
Saniya – Commerce

I was thoroughly impressed with the Second Look Resume service. I was confident that with my new and improved resume and cover letter I would be able to obtain an interview in my field. This is exactly what occurred after immediately using their updated version of my resume and cover letter. I got the interview and more importantly I got the job! I don’t think that would have been the case had I used my previous resume. Thanks Quinn!
Anne – Science & Technology

Thanks Quynh for your help in preparing my resume and cover letter.You have done a great job. Keep going. Thanks once again for your service.
Senthil – Business & Information Technology

She responded to my service request very quickly and the meeting was appropriately done. In addition, the e-mail responses and all my other questions were answered within a reasonable time.The first draft was already quite satisfactory and there were few updates afterwards, she also has updated Resume over the time and it is very good quality. I am very satisfied with it. It looked so good and I thank you for it. Thank you again for the great job.
Mark – Commerce & Information Technology

Thank you so very much for your work. I am very happy with what you have sent me. Really appreciate it.
Vibha – Engineering & Computer Science